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Home Technologies Activated Sludge Treatment Systems
A domestic wastewater installation with a metal building and a series of pipes and a hoist attached to the exterior of the building

Activated Sludge Treatment Systems

Newterra provides customized activated sludge solutions for water and wastewater needs. Our offerings include Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), extended aeration plants, SBRs, and leading solutions like the AireO2 Triton. From compact systems for remote sites to large-scale plants, Newterra tailors solutions to your specific treatment requirements.

Optimize with Tailored Activated Sludge Solutions

Specializing in advanced activated sludge technologies like membrane bioreactors, extended aeration plants, and sequential batch reactors (SBRs), we deliver custom solutions for any water and wastewater need. Whether you need a compact or large-scale operation, our innovative systems meet your requirements efficiently. Act now to enhance your water treatment capabilities.