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Cochrane FilterX Water Softener

Cochrane FILTEREX Water Softeners

The COCHRANE® by newterra’s FILTEREX water softener is a co-current style ion exchange softener. The ion exchange media in the vessels is a strong acid cation exchange resin that is in the sodium form. Resin in this form will exchange hardness causing constituents in the water to be exchanged on to the resin while less strongly held sodium ions are displaced from the resin. Typically used for moderate to low temperature applications.

Even Flow Distribution

The feed water is distributed evenly through the top of the vessel and allowed to flow through the resin within the vessel before being collected by a lateral collection system at the bottom of the vessel. Eventually the exchange capacity of the resin in the vessel is exhausted. This is determined by a treated volume setpoint.

If the resin becomes loaded with suspended solids, due to unanticipated suspended solids in the feed water the units are backwashed to remove these solids. During backwash feed water is directed from the bottom of the bed out through the top of the unit. This fluidizes the resin allowing suspended solids to be carried away to waste.

The resin is regenerated with a concentrated salt solution. When regeneration begins saturated brine is diluted with feed water and introduced through the top distributor. Spent regenerant is collected from the bottom of the bed and discharged to waste. After regeneration the resin is rinsed prior to starting a new cycle.

ModelRating (gpm)InletTank ODTank SSResin Volume (ft3)Capacity (Kilograins)

Technical information

Included Components

  • NSF certified epoxy coated 100-psig rated carbon steel vessel with top dome manway and side-shell hand hole accessways
  • 48-inches of industrial grade gel-type strong acid cation softening resin (Cochranex® CXA resin, 8% DVB crosslinked, >93% sphericity, 1.6 uniformity coefficient) with gravel subfill
  • Lug-style pneumatically actuated butterfly valves with stainless steel disc & stem, EPDM seat, steel body and two-way NEMA 4 UL certified 24V solenoid
  • NSF certified paddlewheel-style flowmeter with polypropylene body (> 100 psig rated up to 120oF), FKM O-rings, Titanium pin, PVDF rotor, UL certified
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping, eductor, upper flow distributor and underdrain collector (separate PVC brine distributor on 60-inch softener)
  • Feed and discharge pressure gauges (2.5” dial, stainless case, glycerin filled)
  • Manual PVC vessel drain and vent ball valves
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel supports for face piping
  • Polyethylene tank-based brine saturator complete with gravel bed, PVC underdrain lateral, automated fill valve and level switch controls



• To remove hardness (scale forming calcium and magnesium ions) and replace with soluble sodium ions
• Hardness can easily damage plumbing, valves and downstream equipment
• Hardness can foul RO membranes
• Hardness is harmful to boilers

Key benefits


• Provides effective continuous removal of water hardness and low levels of dissolved iron
• Can be automatically regenerated based on manual, time or metered flow demand initiated
• Inlet/outlet pressure gauges
• Efficient internal designs provide a typical 10 PSI pressure drop across tank when clean
• Self adjusting backwash flow control
• Safety air release valve for pressure fluctuations
• Minimum energy and maintenance requirements
• Stand alone tanks or modular skid mounted (pre-piped & pre-wired) options
• Clear backwash drain


Cochrane®by newterra FILTEREX Softener Features


  • Co-current, industrial grade ion exchange softener (Cochranex® CXA resin)
  • Reduces raw water hardness from up to 200-ppm down to < 5 ppm
  • Compact, high-flow design
  • NSF certified components
  • Fully integrated system with vessel, media, piping and instrumentation pre-wired and pre-tested
  • Rated for continuous or intermittent duty
  • Automatically regenerated based on manual, time or metered flow demand
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