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Remediation system with high vacuum extraction, oil water separator, air stripper and catalytic oxidizer

Groundwater Remediation

Site remediation of groundwater and soil is a specialty of Newterra. Whether for general public safety – or for a brownfield site intended for redevelopment, we have the experience and capability to provide the right solution. Newterra systems have been used extensively for the clean-up of light, non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) that are residuals of gas stations, pipelines, refineries, military bases, and storage facilities.

Our team is equally skilled in handling the remediation of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) such as the solvents, compounds and complex wastes of dry cleaners, manufactured gas plants, and electrical component manufacturers.

PAH’s, PCB, PFAS, 1,4 Dioxane, Arsenic, Iron

Newterra also tackles hard to treat compounds such as PAH and PCB’s as well as emerging contaminants such as PFAS, 1,4 Dioxane, arsenic, iron and others.

Newterra offers a broad range of treatment options – from our fleet of Rental Systems for cost-effective treatment on shorter projects – to complex, customized solutions for large scale remediation requirements. We also have expertise in manufacturing systems that meet stringent sound abatement requirements for use in urban and other noise sensitive environments.

Technical information

Multiphase & Dual Phase High Vacuum Extraction
Rotary lobe, rotary claw and liquid ring vacuum pump packages
Vacuums to 26″ Hg, flows to 3,000 cfm and more depending on site
Safe, efficient high-vacuum recovery of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs), water and free product from soil and groundwater
Soil Vapor Extraction
Custom designed packages for recovery of VOCs from soil and groundwater
Utilize regenerative, rotary lobe and rotary claw technologies
Air Sparging Packages
Available for any flow and pressure requirement
Specialize in rotary claw compressors for 5-30 psi requirements, and rotary screw compressors for 30+ psi
Temperature and Humidity Control before Carbon Treatment
Air and Liquid Cooled Heat Exchangers
In-line heaters for humidity control
Injection Systems
Automated metering and injection systems for:
Potassium Permeate Injection
Molasses Injection
Nutrient & Other Injection
Oxygen & Ozone Injection Systems
Automated mobile oxygen injection systems
Ozone injection systems
Advanced Oxidation Systems
Oxidation and Ultraviolet (UV) systems for hard to treat contaminants
Catalytic & Thermal Oxidation
25 years experience incorporating oxidation for air treatment
Both VOC and Chlorinated compounds
Carbon and Media Treatment
Water Phase carbon treatment for VOC’s, Chlorinated Compounds, PFAS, other
Organoclay treatment for higher molecular weight compounds
Resin based treatment where required
Flows to 4,000 gpm and more
Air phase activated carbon for VOC, Chlorinated Compounds, Odor control & others
Systems to 10,000 cfm and more
Iron & Manganese Treatment
For pretreatment before carbon, or to meet discharge limits
Manganese Greensand for low concentrations to 5 ppm
Newterra Iron Concentrator for concentrations 2 – 50 ppm
Chemical Treatment Systems for high concentrations


Can Newterra design systems to meet function specification?

We actually to prefer to get involved early in a project so that we can work with the customer to define the process required to achieve the desired results. We call this Design Assistance. Our greatest strength is the bench depth of process and engineering knowledge that we have built up over the years.

Is it true that Newterra only builds container based systems?

We routinely build systems in trailers, containers, modified width containers, steel frame buildings fabricated to hurricane and seismic standards and on skids. The key is that all systems are built and tested in our factory before shipment to the site.

I need to treat some PAH compounds to the low PPT level, can you help?

PAH treatment can be challenging, we have done several project with very tight discharge limits down to the low PPT levels including a superfund site.

We have an issue with PFAS, can you help?

Absolutely, Newterra has multiple sites treating PFAS and other contaminants such as 1,4 Dioxane. Some of these are though our TIGG subsidiary, and some directly through Newterra typically in conjunction with an environmental consultant. We have both remedial and municipal installations.


For vacuum extraction of water, air and product from wells, our low maintenance, operator-friendly systems offer a wide range of options for inlet headers, air flow meters, process valves, piping, fittings, and filters. Our modular systems are available skid-mounted or fully enclosed to meet your requirements.

Multiphase & Dual Phase Extraction
Soil Vapor Extraction
Air Sparging Packages
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Water Treatment

Newterra offers a wide range of technologies to address the treatment and remediation of groundwater and other water sources.

Settling, Equalization & Batch Processing Tanks
Coagulation, Flocculation and Clarification
Oil/Water Separators (LNAPL & DNAPL)
DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)
Air Strippers
Bag, Cartridge, Self-Indexing & Sand Filters
Carbon & Specialty Media Filters
Advanced Oxidation Systems
Ozone Treatment
Breakpoint chlorination

Air Treatment

We have extensive experience treating contaminated vapor streams at varying flow rates and contaminant concentrations.
Carbon Vessels
Specialized carbon, potassium permanganate and other media for specialized treatment of airborn contaminants
Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers
Acid Gas Scrubbers
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