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Surface aeration fountain

AuraAER® Solar-Powered Floating Fountain

The AuraAER® Solar-Powered Floating Fountains are eco-friendly and require only 30 inches of water depth, making them perfect for small residential and commercial ponds. These fountains distribute oxygen, reduce odors, control algae formations, protect against fish kill, and aid in the natural cleansing process of freshwater ponds, all while adding aesthetic appeal to lagoons and lakes.

Surface aeration fountain

Overview of AuraAER Floating Fountain

Designed for smaller bodies of water, the AuraAER fits well in residential and commercial ponds, requiring only 30 inches of water depth. It is easy to install and comes completely assembled with four different spray patterns. Solar power eliminates operational costs and safety issues typically associated with conventional fountains.

Floating Fountain Features

The AuraAER Floating Fountain is engineered to offer optimal performance with minimal maintenance for operators. Key to its design is the robust construction that withstands diverse environmental conditions, combined with a solar-powered system that frees operators from energy-related constraints. Its operational simplicity and reliability are at the forefront, ensuring seamless integration into various aquatic settings with little oversight required.

  • Solar energy operated
  • Requires only 30 inches of water depth
  • Simple installation
  • No electrical wiring
  • Four spray patterns
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Weather-resistant materials

Floating Fountain Benefits

The AuraAER Floating Fountain delivers environmental advantages and offers its users a suite of operational benefits. Operators of these fountains will experience a palpable impact on the ease with which they manage their water features, yielding long-term dividends. Below are brief, key benefits that make the AuraAER a superior choice:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Visual Enhancement
  • Versatile Performance
  • Longevity and Durability

How the AuraAER Solar-Powered Floating Fountain Works

The AuraAER fountain uses a solar-powered pump to spray intake water into the air. Nozzles on the fountain create different effects or patterns, each corresponding to the amount of aeration needed. When the water falls back onto the pond surface, oxygenated droplets mix into the water and add oxygen to the pond. The process keeps still bodies of water circulating, healthy, and odor-free. Floating fountains can be used in water features on golf courses or public parks. They also serve as an attractive addition to residential and commercial properties.

Floating fountains may not be sufficient to solve extreme contamination problems, particularly in deep, large bodies of water or those stocked with fish. Fountains typically do not create large swathes of oxygenated water. In these cases, subsurface aeration equipment may be needed in tandem with surface aeration.

Extensive Floating Fountain Applications

  • Residential Ponds and Water Features
  • Commercial Landscape Water Attractions
  • Golf Course Water Hazards and Decorative Ponds
  • Public Parks and Recreation Pools
  • Ecological Rehabilitation Projects
  • Fish Farms and Aquaculture Operations
  • Industrial Site Stormwater Management Ponds
  • Hotel and Resort Decorative Bodies of Water
  • Agritourism and Vineyard Scenic Ponds
  • Community Gardens and Common Areas with Water Elements

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Newterra’s expert team of application engineers stands poised to assist treatment plant operators, consultants, and contractors globally. Our extensive experience and cutting-edge engineering capabilities enable us to tailor the AuraAER and other aeration solutions to your specific water feature requirements, ensuring efficient and effective freshwater aeration.