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Float mounted sub-surface aerator at work

AQUA TORNADO® Surface Aspirating Aerator

The AQUA TORNADO® is a float-mounted, freshwater aeration device that features a large-diameter stationary draft tube with unrestricted air intake and a large propeller.

Float mounted sub-surface aerator at work

Overview of AQUA TORNADO® Float Mounted Surface Aspirating Aerator

The AQUA TORNADO® float-mounted system is specifically crafted to enhance the oxygenation and ecological health of diverse water bodies. The system operates by drawing in air and dispersing it through water in fine bubbles, facilitating an efficient oxygen transfer process. Designed with adjustable angles for circulation control and a depth-customizable bubble stream, the AQUA TORNADO requires no additional blowers, simplifying installation and maintenance. Constructed using high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, it withstands the harshest elements, ensuring long-term functionality and reliability. Available in multiple horsepower configurations, it is suited for depths ranging from 4 to 15 feet and scalable for various aquatic environments.


Maintaining an optimal aquatic environment, whether for wastewater management, aquaculture, or ornamental bodies of water within your facilities, is critical. The AQUA TORNADO Surface Aspirating Aerator offers an innovative solution that addresses these needs through its advanced aeration capabilities. We’ve fine-tuned our technology to deliver high oxygenation performance, low operational costs, and ease of installation.

  • Float mounted
  • Water-lubricated lower bearings
  • Effective in all seasons
  • High-grade materials
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Weatherproof construction

Benefits of the AQUA TORNADO

The AQUA TORNADO is an advanced environmental steward and a strategic ally to operators seeking efficiency and dependability. Its cutting-edge design ensures ease of use, balancing superior performance and minimal maintenance. Deploying the AQUA TORNADO as part of your water management regimen ensures a continuous, high-standard operation, fostering long-term ecological balance and low energy consumption.

  • Requires no additional blower, pumps, or platforms
  • Aeration happens below the surface
  • Low power requirements
  • High oxygen transfer rate
  • Cost-effective operation

How the AQUA TORNADO Surface Aspirating Aerator Works

The aerator propels water upwards through a stationary draft tube, creating a low-pressure zone that draws air into the water column. This air is then injected into the water at high velocity by the spinning propeller located at the base of the draft tube.

The turbulence the propeller action generates vigorously mixes the injected air with water, resulting in fine air bubbles with increased surface area for oxygen transfer. As these bubbles rise, they carry water to the surface, creating a persistent upward flow that draws oxygen-depleted water from the bottom. When this water reaches the surface, it absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere before being thrust back down, promoting constant circulation and aeration.

Extensive Aeration Applications

The AQUA TORNADO is utilized across a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • Aquaculture
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Golf Course Water Hazards
  • Residential Properties
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Commercial Properties
  • Municipal Parks

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Take Action for a Healthier Aquatic Environment

Optimize your water body’s condition with the AQUA TORNADO. This energy-efficient solution promotes a balanced ecosystem by enhancing oxygen levels and controlling algae. Elevate water quality and aesthetics effortlessly. Connect with us for a tailor-made Aqua Tornado strategy.