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Clara Filter

The Clara® Filter provides a patent pending passive media filter that can serve as a standalone treatment or as a pretreatment best management practice (BMP) for sites with high particulate total suspended solids (TSS) loading. Clara Filter is specifically designed for the filtration of runoff from sites with erosion or sites where the stormwater quality is close to benchmarks/numeric action levels.


A Newterra Clara filter is lowered into a prepared dirt site at an auto recycler with four technicians guiding the unit or looking on as a crane lowers the concrete box and divider into place

Product Overview

Clara Filters target free oil, sediment, metals and floatables and trash.


  • Removes free oil, trash, suspended solids, metals and other pollutants from stormwater runoff
  • The system is housed in a concrete structure with access through a manhole or hatch openings
  • Extends maintenance interval of downstream treatment BMPs
  • Typical suspended solids (TSS) reduction is greater than 70%, with demonstrated reductions up to 90%

Technical Specifications


ModelTreatment Rate (gpm)Buried Footprint (ft x ft)Sediment Capacity (cu yd)
251307 x 90.6
402407 x 131.1
703808 x 161.8
904809 x 172.3
11061011 x 172.9
2101,10011 x 285.1


PollutantRemoval Effifiency
Suspended Solids (TSS)50 – 70%
Aluminum (Al)30 – 60%
Copper (Cu)40 – 70%
Iron (Fe)40 – 60%
Zinc (Zn)10 – 30%


  • Optional integrated pump system to discharge to polishing filter

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