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EPRO Launches LMF-80 Commercial RO

March 12, 2020
EPRO LMF-80 Commercial RO

EPRO Launches LMF-80 Commercial RO

Our EPRO by newterra division is excited to announce shipping of their latest Model LMF-80 (80 GPM RO system). The LMF-Reverse Osmosis Series by EPRO is targeted for the light industrial/commercial market and models range from 20 gpm to 120 gpm.

This particular system is heading to a large Commercial Linen Facility and will produce boiler feed water and high-purity water for the laundry process. LMF RO systems remove impurities such as bacteria and dissolved solids from source water, including brackish water. The LMF RO product line is useful in other locations such as hotels, food & beverage, agriculture, carwash, power & energy, and more.

For larger industrial requirements Newterra offers the Cochrane Delta Series RO.

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