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Virtual Expo Newterra 2020

A Virtual Expo by Newterra

The Word is Out!

Reclaiming The World’s Water 2020 (A Virtual Expo by Newterra) August 18 & 19, 2020.

In this midst of this year’s unfortunate trade show and event cancellations, were are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a 2-day Virtual Expo.

Live from our various locations across North America, we invite you to learn more about our unique solution/product offerings and recent innovations, watch special guest speakers, and interact with our staff of water experts during via live chat. Something for everyone!

Reclaiming the World’s Water continues to be the focus of our dedicated team. As a global water treatment solutions provider, Newterra has a strategic focus on incorporating specific companies and technologies that are proven leaders in their fields. Mark your calendar – you don’t want to miss this!

We’ll be hosting one Round Table discussion each day in addition to many Presentations in the Auditorium. You can also catch us in any of the 8 Booths where you can Live Chat with our Technical Team as well as attend presentations, pick up literature or watch videos.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of our Keynote Speakers for the Round Tables:

  • Debra Coy with XPV Water Partners with her view on the Water Market
  • Pete Hanrahan with Hanrahan Environmental with an Industrial Stormwater Market Update
  • Seth Cutler with Frost & Sullivan on Emerging Contaminants
  • Dan McCarthy (formerly Black & Veatch now Dan McCarthy consulting) with his view on the Water Market
  • Matt Peeler with Live Oak Bank on USDA Funding Opportunities
  • Dr. Albert (Bob) Rubin on Small/Rural Community Water

On the morning of Day 1 join us for some exciting New Product Launches!

Other presentations in the Auditorium include topics such as:

  • Reclaiming Lakes, Rivers and Streams
  • Emerging Contaminants – An overview
  • Biological Nutrient Removal Process; AKA BNR Process
  • Iron Treatment Before Carbon for Tough Groundwater Applications
  • Case Study – Financing/Engineering/Supply for Decentralized Water
  • Deaerators 201 – Get the gas out!
  • Challenges in Treatment on a Construction Dewatering Site
  • Operating Modular MBR’s at Low Flows Rates as a % of Design
  • Treatment of PAH’s to Low Levels at Superfund Site
  • Introduction to Industrial Stormwater Permits and Compliance
  • Universal Remedial Solution to PFAS During a Period of Developing Technologies

Booth presentations include topics such as:

  • What is TIGG?
  • Engineering Principles for Stormwater Design
  • Oxidation Ditch/Retrofit
  • New approaches to Modular MBR design
  • Case Study, Long Island 1,4 Dioxane
  • Aquaculture Water Treatment
  • It’s Simple, Right? Stormwater Chemistry for IGP Compliance
  • Frontline Drain Inlet Filter Inserts
  • Newterra’s Rental Fleet
  • Newterra Parts Store
  • Clara Filter for High Rate Sediment Removal for Stormwater
  • Maintenance Minutes: The Importance of Maintenance for BMP Success
  • Uni-Pac Standard Packaged Deaerators for Light Industry, Government, Universities and Commercial Developments.

In addition to the webinars and presentations, throughout both days our 8 booths will be open for Live Chat.

  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater (Aeration Industries)
  • Groundwater and Soil Remediation (Newterra Engineered Systems)
  • Modular, Decentralized Sewage, Wastewater and Potable Water (Newterra Engineered Systems)
  • Industrial Process Water & Deaerators (Cochrane)
  • Industrial Stormwater Treatment (StormwateRx)
  • Purifying Groundwater & Air (TIGG)
  • Commercial & Light Industrial Reverse Osmosis (EPRO)
  • Specialty Parts, Media, Service and Telemetry

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Difficulty With Accurate Testing For BOD In Industrial Stormwater Runoff

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a measure of the amount of dissolved oxygen used by microorganisms to break down organic material in a sample of water. Because BOD is not one specific pollutant, it can be difficult to characterize the nature of BOD, identify the source in stormwater runoff, and select the appropriate treatment approach to reduce BOD in stormwater runoff and discharge. The most effective way to minimize BOD concentrations in stormwater discharges will be to minimize the exposure of stormwater to materials that are a source of BOD. 

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What is PFAS?

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