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MicroClear® Submerged Ultrafiltration MBR Membranes

MicroClear® is a leader in the field of water treatment utilizing membrane bio-reactors. Developed and manufactured in Germany by Newterra, MicroClear® Membranes are high-performance cassette modules satisfying the most demanding of requirements. The MicroClear® membrane has a modular design and can be assembled in multiple configurations, much like Legos®.

Many OEM’s around the world have come to depend on MicroClear® MBR Membranes for their wastewater projects.

The basic building block of the MicroClear® system is the MCXL2 cassette, capable of extremely flexible deployment. The MCXL2 is a completely welded filter cassette for the ultra filtration of water.

This versatile system can be rapidly assembled due to its uncomplicated installation procedure and easy handling. The modular design combines easy adaptation to customer specific requirements.

High packing density, low operating cost and a very small requirement for cleaning chemicals contribute to overall high performance.

The MicroClear® MCXL2 membrane cassettes are assembled in several standard configurations (Modules) depending on flow requirements and physical dimensions required for the installation. The Modules are available complete with frame, air scouring diffusers and permeate collection headers. The cassettes easily slip together using a gasketed connector with no tools necessary.

Technical information

The MCXL2 cassetter filter has the following characteristics:

  • Housing and header made of polypropylene (FDA approved)
  • 23 active filter plates made of polypropylene (FDA approved)
  • 2 protective outer plates
  • Fully welded membrane made of either Polyethersulfone (PES) or Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
  • 8.2″ L x 16.6″ W 19.3″ H (209L x 418W x 490H mm)
  • Permeate Outlet 1″ (25mm) dia
  • Membrane surface area 86 ft2 (8m2)
  • Pore size nom 0.04 – 0.3 um(selectable)
  • Backflush pressure  0.07-0.1 bar
  • Empty Weight  25 lbs (11.5kg)


  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Decentralized, modular sewage treatment
  • Onboard Ship Sewage Treatment
  • Container Based Sewage Treatment Plants
  • MBR for Dairy, Cheese, Fish Processing, Egg Wash, Meat Processing
  • MBR for Wineries, Breweries, Juice Processing


  • High Packing Density
  • Low Energy Costs
  • Customized Products
  • Patented MicroClear Technology
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