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Newterra Aftermarket Services

Look to Newterra for quality service. Stretch your investment dollars farther by ensuring that your equipment is taken care of by our experts. Newterra offers a wide range of
services to help keep your systems running optimally and give you peace of mind.

Newterra Beyond

In addition to offering quality service for your treatment equipment, we are proud to offer Newterra Beyond, an opportunity to extend the duration of your warranty package and/or expand the warranty coverage to include more than just parts (i.e. labor).

All Newterra treatment systems include a 1-Year Warranty against defective workmanship or equipment from the date of “notice of readiness to ship. We offer Newterra Beyond as extra peace of mind protection for your equipment and your operating budgets. Newterra Beyond warranty pricing is provided on a case-by-case basis.

In order to maintain the validity of your valuable Newterra Beyond Program, please note the following conditions:
■ Startup and Training services by Newterra (additional cost)
■ System to be maintained as per Newterra provided System O&M Manual, operating and maintenance logs must be
documented and shared with Newterra upon request.
■ Purchase of Newterra Protect for an annual service visit by a Newterra Field Service Representative may be required (additional cost)

Newterra Protect

Look to Newterra for expertise, quality parts and service. Stretch your investment dollars farther by ensuring that you take care of your treatment equipment systems with quality maintenance and care. Newterra offers a wide range of spare parts and associated services to help keep your systems running optimally and give you peace of mind.
In addition to offering quality replacement parts, we are proud to also offer Newterra Protect, a System Maintenance Package, customized to your needs. Regardless of whether or not it’s a Newterra-provided system, a trained and qualified Newterra Field Service Representative (FSR) will visit your site and perform services such as those listed below. Newterra Protect maintenance pricing is provided on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Meet with customer’s maintenance personnel and evaluate the condition and operation of the equipment.
  2. Check belt condition and adjust belt tension on drive belt packages if necessary.
  3. Check for damage, leaks and other potential problems.
  4. Check condition carbon vessels, verify pressures and condition of media.
  5. Check operation of all motors for excessive noise, heat or vibration and rease bearings as required.
  6. Inspect and replace air filter elements if necessary.
  7. Test operation of critical shut down switches, clean if necessary.
  8. Perform any required calibrations.
  9. Drain all moisture and condensate from all traps, tanks, vessels.
  10. Test operation of all alarm conditions.
  11. Check oil levels of lubricants with sight glasses, top up if necessary (lubricants not included).
  12. Record amperage on motors.
  13. Clean out any strainers, and water filter housings.
  14. Preventative maintenance – inspect belts, hoses and connections. Check for cracking and splitting.
  15. Check operation/condition of vapor liquid separator, and clean if necessary.
  16. Thermal readings on blowers and motors.
  17. Clean all level switches. Perform cleaning of the air stripper.
  18. Check for loose electrical connections. Replace water meter seals (parts not included).
  19. Clean water flow meters and check/test operation. Check/Replace bag filter elements.
  20. Zero pressure gauges if necessary. Check sacrificial anode.
  21. Check panel and panel components. Provide Field Service Report after service visit.
  22. Test operation of heating and ventilation system.
  23. NOTE: Equipment repairs may require quote for parts and additional
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