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Newterra remediation technology for soil vapor with large container exiting treatment water into six pipes connected to a water source featuring a valve and a faucet for each pipe that also contains a gauge resulting in the treated water existing the system through a pipe labelled water

Award: Remediation Soil Vapor Extraction System

Remediation Soil Vapor Extraction System New York Newterra has been awarded a Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE) in New…

Newterra MBR GPD system outdoors in New York with a yellow guard rail around an empty concrete pond

Award: MicroClear MBR 125,000 GPD system in New York

Newterra has been awarded a new project for a 125,000 GPD (470 m3/d) MBR in New York State.

Split image showing the Newterra Uni-Pac system before shipment and after shipping, base elevated tank and structure on the left and the same product with electrical panels and other components on the right with the word Shipped placed to convey the product in its shipped state.

UNI-PAC Deaerator Launch

Cochrane by Newterra Expands It’s Deaerator Line! The ALL-NEW Cochrane Uni-Pac Deaerator is specifically designed for smaller boilers found…

Award: MicroClear MBR/S for school in Pennsylvania

Newterra has been awarded a project to supply a MicroClear MBR/S System. The 21,000 GPD (85 m3/d) system…

A split image showing Newterra's EPRO technologies, on left is a partial water treatment displaying a blue open crate dollied structure containing water treatment pipes, on the right is a shipped system containing an electrical control panel and additional components

EPRO Launches LMF-80 Commercial RO

Our EPRO by newterra division is excited to announce shipping of their latest Model LMF-80 (80 GPM RO…

A debris pile in an industrial processing area

With BOD, What You See is Not Often What You Get

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a measure of the amount of dissolved oxygen used by microorganisms to break down organic material in a sample of water. As they do so, these microorganisms deplete the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which can be deadly for aquatic species like fish that rely on dissolved oxygen to live.

Newterra logo and brand mark in white centered in blue water ripple background

Newterra achieves Platinum status Deloitte 50 Best Managed Companies

Newterra is once again excited to announce that we have achieved Platinum status as a distinguished recipient of…

Newterra MBR membrane technology two images of a highly textured vertical box containing rows and columns of materials for filtering water

MBR Membrane Aging

Membrane aging − a hard life? Just like the rest of us, membranes get old and don’t always…

A crane lifts a Clara filter concrete box from delivery trailer at an industrial site

The Clara in King County’s Award-Winning Public Project

The Clara in King County’s Award-Winning Enumclaw Transfer Station Project King County Solid Waste Division’s Enumclaw Recycling &…