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Cochrane Industrial Reverse Osmosis system for Boiler Water Treatment

Cochrane DELTA Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Reverse Osmosis (RO) uses semi-permeable membranes with very small pores, smaller than 0.001 µm. Water diffuses across the membrane much more readily than dissolved solutes (salts). High feed water pressure is used to counteract the natural osmotic pressure enabling the passage of water from the side of high concentration (feed) of the membrane to the side of low concentration (permeate). A percentage of the water fed to the RO is discarded, as it will contain the salts rejected by the RO membrane.

All RO membranes experience fouling over time. As such, they require periodic cleaning using a clean-in-place system. A warm chemical cleaning solution is circulated through the RO system, removing accumulated solids or other foulants on the membrane.

Newterra, under our Cochrane brand, offers our Delta line of Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems, both single and double pass.

Not sure which Newterra RO is right for you? Read ‘Picking the Right Reverse Osmosis Unit’

ModelGPMGPDM3/DStagesHP# Elements
Per Vessel
(no Recycle)
DELTA-200200288,000 1,100240675%
DELTA-300300432,000 1,600250675%
DELTA-450450659,000 2,5002100675%
NOTE: Models Shown are Max Flow for stated HP. Other models available.
Based on feed water at 25C with TDS of 1,500 ppm


Included Components

  • 300-psig rated FRP reverse osmosis vessels
  • Spiral-wound high-rejection thin-film polyamide reverse osmosis elements
  • 5-micron nominal stainless-steel body pre-treatment cartridge filter with isolation valves
  • Vertical, Multi-Stage Centrifugal Booster Pump with stainless steel wetted parts, VFD starter and manual isolation valves
  • Lug-style pneumatically actuated feed butterfly valve with stainless steel disc & stem, EPDM seat, steel body and two-way NEMA 4 UL certified 24V solenoid
  • Stainless steel globe valve for reject flow control
  • NSF certified paddlewheel-style flowmeters (on feed and product) with polypropylene body (> 100 psig rated up to 120oF), FKM O-rings, Titanium pin, PVDF rotor, UL certified
  • Schedule 80 PVC low-pressure piping with 304 stainless steel piping on high-pressure lines
  • Cartridge feed/discharge, RO feed, interstage, reject and product pressure gauges (2.5” dial, stainless case, glycerin filled)
  • Manual sample ports on permeate from each vessel with PVC ball valves
  • Epoxy-coated steel skid frame
  • Conductivity sensor with PBT NPT mount, NEMA 4X enclosure, CE certified
  • Optional Polyethylene tank-based clean-in-place system complete with cleaning pump, electric heater, diaphragm flow control valve and PVC piping

Options Available

  • ASME code stamped vessels
  • Substitution of flowmeters for magnetic type flowmeters
  • Stainless steel low pressure piping
  • Substitute high rejection membranes with low-pressure membranes
  • Feed re-pressurization pump
  • Online pH and ORP monitors
  • Pre-treatment chemical dosing systems (antiscalant, acid, caustic and sodium bisulfite)
  • Automatic flush with permeate option
  • Seismic zone rated
  • Calcite polishing filter
  • Polyethylene tank-based clean-in-place system complete with cleaning pump, electric heater, diaphragm flow control valve and PVC piping
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