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Clear3 MBR for Commercial Building Rainwater, Sewage & Greywater Treatment and Reuse

Regulations and economics are forcing property owners to consider on site water treatment and reuse. Newterra’s Decentralized Modular approach fits well with this market, and our cross technology expertise brings experience with reuse potentials such as boiler feed, cooling towers, toilet flushing and irrigation.

Newterra works with the customer to ensure an wholistic approach to water management. Direct water reuse is a beneficial and innovative approach where wastewater and stormwater are treated and reused for multiple non-potable purposes, reducing the demand for potable water.

Uses of Treated Water

  • Cooling tower make up water
  • Boiler feed make up water
  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry
  • Rooftop irrigation
  • Landscaping
  • Water features
  • Purple Pipe contribution

Flexible Systems Designed for Water Reuse

Newterra can treat blackwater, greywater or rainwater to reuse standards. Typically treatment units are built into the basement of the building or housed outside in modular units either on the ground or on the rooftop.

Newterra’s direct water reuse systems are of varying capacities and sizes depending on the particular needs and water demand for each building. Blackwater is treated with our MBR system. Additional treatment such as UV, Ozone or Chlorination may be used as a final disinfection step. Repressurization for distribution can also be included as well as chemical treatment for cooling tower water. Greywater may be treated with MicroClear MBR or Mechanical/Media Filtration. Rainwater is typically treated with Mechanical/Media Filtration plus UV and disinfection as required.


  • Greenfield & Retrofit Projects
  • Existing Infrastructure Tie-ins
  • Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants
  • New Commercial Developments
  • LEED® Certified & Green Buildings
  • Schools & Hospitals
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