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MBR, Municipal with inground tanks and membranes

Decentralized Systems

Decentralized water treatment systems are defined as any water treatment system that is not tied to a large municipal water processing facility, or is tied to one but must treat water onsite for some other reason.

Typically used in areas where connection to a large municipal system is not viable due to distance, or where the municipal system cannot handle either load or volume. Decentralized systems reduce overall cost (shorter pipelines), can be configured for specific reuse needs (irrigation, cooling tower, scalping  etc), and can be installed in smaller phases to match the needs of the particular customer.

For a super exciting BlueTech interview with our CTO on the topic of decentralized systems click Here

Decentralized examples:

MicroClear MBR/F Facilities for subdivisions, large commercial properties and small communities

MicroClear MBR/S Systems for Mobile Home Communities, Recreational Facilities, Schools, Hotels, Condominiums etc

MicroClear MBR systems for industrial, food and beverage customers

ARGOS SBR systems (supplied as skid mounted package or with tankage)

Groundwater remediation systems treat before discharge to sewer, storm or reinjection

Construction dewatering treatment systems treat before sewer or storm

Boiler feedwater systems from raw water, reuse or treated city water.

Industrial Waste Water systems

EPRO units treat water for commercial and light industrial applications.

SeaMega Desalination treats water for resorts, industries off grid

MicroClear MBR/C and potable water systems for remote camps and facilities.

Aeration products for industrial and commercial customers.

Our MicroClear membranes support de-centralized systems for many OEM’s.

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