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MicroClear MBR/S Packaged MBR Plants for Mobile Home Communities, RV Parks, Seasonal Facilities + More Flows from 5,000 to 74,000 GPD

Our MicroClear MBR/S Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are specifically designed for smaller flows such as Mobile Home communities, RV parks, campgrounds, seasonal communities and recreational facilities. These often have requirements for strict sewage discharge limits but with lower and variable volume requirements. Often there is compelling reason for water reuse on the site. Discharge water from a MicroClear MBR/S Packaged Plant is Reuse Ready.

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In many cases failing or undersized septic systems, sometimes coupled with new more stringent nutrient discharge limits is dictating an upgrade in technology. As well, limited space or the opportunity to use existing space for more units may be an economic driver for elimination of large septic beds.

ModelTarget MarketFlow Range M3/DFlow Range GPDAboveground Dimensions
MC 70DTMobile Home, Recreation, Seasonal20-705,000-8,5008.5’W x 40’L x 9.5’H
MC 70QCMobile Home, Recreation, Seasonal20-705,000-8,5008.5’W x 40’L x 9.5’H
MC 140 QCMobile Home, Recreation, Seasonal70-14018,500-37,0008.5’W x 40’L x 9.5’H
MC 140STMobile Home, Recreation, Seasonal70-14018,500-37,0008.5’W x 40’L x 9.5’H
MC 280STMobile Home, Recreation, Seasonal140-28037,000-74,00017’W x 40’L x 9.5’H

Technical information

Newterra’s MicroClear MBR technology addresses a wide range of wastewater treatment applications where high quality effluent is required, either to meet regulatory requirements or for reuse.
MicroClear MBR targets Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Bacteria, Total Coliforms, Ammonia, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus.
MicroClear MBR also eliminates many pharmaceuticals from the waste stream, which is a growing concern for natural habitats and drinking water. With extensive experience with groundwater remediation, Newterra can also bring solutions for emerging contaminant challenges such as PFAS and other compounds that may be present in the system effluent.

Discharge Targets (Typical Base Design)
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) <5.0 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)         <5.0 mg/L
Ammonia-N                                        <1.0 mg/L
Turbidity                                               <0.5 NTU
Total Phosphorus                               <0.1 mg/L
Total Nitrogen                                     <5.0 mg/L

Enhanced Nutrient Removal Design can achieve lower effluent results:
Total Phosphorus                               <0.05 mg/L
Total Nitrogen                                     <3.0 mg/L
The ultimate process configuration is highly dependent on:
  • influent concentrations
  • variability in feed strength and flow
  • desired effluent criteria depending on the ultimate receiver
  • space available
  • budget available
  • climate considerations
  • shipping contraints
  • power available


  • Mobile Home Communities
  • RV Parks
  • Campgrounds
  • Golf Courses, Recreation Facilities, SPAs
  • Retirement Homes
  • Condos, Marinas, Hotels
  • Cluster Communities
  • Religious Communities

Key benefits

Complete: Our Packaged MBR Plants are factory built and fully tested and come with everything you need for your site. Need more than 75,000 gpd ….Click Here
Plug & Play: MicroClear MBR Systems are truly plug & play.
Water Reuse Ready: MicroClear MBR/S Packaged Plants have discharge water that is suitable for reuse for most applications with no further treatment.
Reduced On-Site Construction: Modular systems are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and undergo comprehensive testing, allowing for fast installation and minimized onsite work.
Maximum Uptime: Proven, standardized components and strategic redundancy to allow continuous operation – even during maintenance procedures.
Minimal Maintenance: Air scouring and periodic membrane relaxation prevent fouling; chemical cleaning is reduced over hollow fiber membranes.
Operator-Friendly: Our ground-level module removal system is good example of the design considerations we incorporate for easy servicing and improved safety.


  • newtN SCADA: Systems feature sophisticated controls and advanced telemetry for 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics and control from anywhere.
  • MicroClear Sludge: We offer integrated sludge dewatering; filter cakes are suitable for incineration, landfill or use as fertilizer.
  • ZeeWeed Membranes: Newterra MBR systems are powered with ZeeWeed 500S hollow fiber membranes from Suez.
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