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LongBox Clarifier Rentals

Discover Unmatched Clarity with Newterra’s Long Box Clarifier Rentals

Designed, manufactured, and serviced exclusively by Newterra, our long box clarifiers offer superior sedimentation performance tailored to your specific water treatment needs. With our comprehensive rental service, you receive a fully integrated solution that encompasses every aspect of operation, maintenance, and support, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

Rely on Newterra’s expertise for a seamless, end-to-end service experience that delivers clear results and supports your project’s success, every step of the way.

A Newterra longbox filter sits in an industrial building consisting of a metal box with a v shaped base with a black frame and a maintenance access walkway and set of stairs

Use Cases & Applications

  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment: Long box clarifiers are used in municipal treatment plants for primary and secondary sedimentation processes, efficiently separating solids from water to produce clear effluent and concentrated sludge, enhancing overall treatment capacity and efficiency.
  • Industrial Process Water Treatment: In industrial applications, these clarifiers treat process water to remove suspended solids, ensuring the water quality is suitable for reuse or discharge, supporting industries like mining, metal processing, and chemical manufacturing in meeting environmental compliance.
  • Construction Site Runoff Management: For construction projects, long box clarifiers provide an effective solution for treating site runoff water, removing sediment and pollutants before discharge, helping to prevent contamination of local waterways and comply with stormwater regulations.
  • Emergency Water Treatment: They serve as an immediate solution for emergency water treatment needs, such as after a natural disaster or in the event of a plant failure, ensuring continued water treatment capacity and preventing environmental pollution.

Available in the Following Specifications

  • Type: LB-16 Longbox Claifier (four units in the fleet)
  • Size: 20ft Longbox Clarifier with 10ft Control & Chemical dosing building
  • Capacities: Flow Range: up to 300 GPM (depending on influent water characteristics)


  • High Sediment Removal Efficiency: Designed to effectively settle and remove suspended solids from water, resulting in clearer effluent.
  • Large Treatment Capacity: Suitable for handling high volumes of water, making it ideal for municipal and industrial applications.
  • Easy Integration: Can be seamlessly integrated into existing water treatment processes without the need for extensive modifications.


  • Improved Water Quality: Ensures treated water meets regulatory standards for discharge, protecting local water bodies from pollution.
  • Operational Flexibility: Supports varying flow rates and loading conditions, providing adaptability to changing water treatment needs.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Designed for ease of access and maintenance, leading to lower operational costs and less downtime.

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For Just About Any Water Problem, Newterra Has You Covered

Whether you require temporary water treatment for construction sites, need to satisfy compliance issues, or have an emergency situation – we’re here to help. Our readily available rental systems offer the flexibility and reliability needed to meet the demands of your projects efficiently.