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Aeration and Mixing for

Lagoon Optimization

Discover how Newterra’s Lagoon Solutions can empower your role in wastewater management. With our advanced aeration and mixing technologies, you’ll enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your lagoon operations.

We understand the complexities you face, whether dealing with municipal, industrial, or agricultural wastewater. That’s why we’re committed to providing solutions that help you maintain optimal water quality and meet environmental standards effortlessly. Trust Newterra to support your mission in achieving exceptional lagoon system performance. 

A Newterra Triton floating in a lagoon with green plants and mountains in the background

Still a common method of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS) treatment, lagoon wastewater treatment systems continue to be a large portion of the wastewater market all over the world. Many municipalities and industries continue to use flow-through aerated lagoons as their main method of biological treatment. One way to economically increase the capacity of existing facultative lagoons is to provide aeration, which increases the removal rate (efficiency) of the lagoon.

Newterra can provide greenfield designs specific to the site conditions including influent loading and effluent requirements of a particular site. With thousands of installations worldwide, Newterra provides lagoon solutions that are built on the experience and expertise that comes from more than 40 years of experience in wastewater treatment. Whether it’s industrial wastewater treatment requiring thorough mixing and high oxygen transfer efficiency, or a municipal wastewater treatment system requiring efficient and effective treatment; Newterra will design a solution to optimize your lagoon. 

Lagoon Aeration Wastewater Treatment Systems 

  • Flexible lagoon aerator equipment provides wastewater mixing and aeration in one unit 
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency 
  • Thorough mixing 
  • Superior sludge movement and reduced settling 
  • Equipment accessibility from the top of the basin for easy maintenance 
  • Designed to prevent fouling 

Emergency Solutions

We understand there are times when you can’t plan for everything… which is why we offer rentals that can be shipped within in 24 hours! Our Newterra Tritons® are easy to install and offer reliable performance for your emergency aeration needs. 

Process Aerator Technology

Newterra’s Triton Process Aerators offer advanced aeration efficiency through a design that optimizes oxygen transfer rates and ensures thorough mixing in wastewater treatment systems. These aerators are engineered to support the biological oxidation process, reducing energy consumption and meeting the stringent demands of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Triton Process Aerators facilitate enhanced process control, operational flexibility, and are scalable to accommodate varying treatment volumes.

Aspirator Technology

Newterra’s Aspirator technologies, including the AireO2 and Aeromix systems, provide effective oxygenation and mixing in wastewater treatment processes. These systems are designed for high oxygen transfer efficiency and low energy consumption, with a focus on reliable, long-term operation. The AireO2 and Aeromix aspirators support a wide range of applications, from activated sludge processes to aerobic digestion, and are adaptable to fluctuating load conditions, ensuring consistent water quality.

Mixer Technologies

Newterra’s Mixer technologies, such as the AireO2 Mixer 2.0, our RIPTIDE, and HURRICANE, are engineered for optimal mixing performance in wastewater treatment. These mixers achieve homogeneous water conditions, prevent stratification, and minimize sediment accumulation. Their design allows for energy-efficient operation, durability, and ease of maintenance, making them suitable for a variety of treatment environments, including lagoons, tanks, and basins. 

Splasher Solutions

Newterra’s Splasher solutions, featuring the AuraAER fountains and Halo Surface Aerators, combine aesthetic appeal with functional water treatment. These systems enhance oxygen transfer and facilitate surface mixing, contributing to effective algae control and improved water quality. Designed for integration into various aquatic environments, AuraAER and Halo are efficient in oxygenating and circulating water, supporting overall ecosystem health in treatment ponds and lagoons. 

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