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Two images: Left: three blue single use plastic bottles with various levels of water containing sediment, Right: a person of color collects clean water from an above ground cistern next to a modular wastewater treatment system

Ethiopian Military Hospital’s Wastewater Treatment & Reuse System

AAMED Technologies, A Canadian company with operations in Ethiopia, recently purchased and installed a modular Newterra Membrane Bioreactor…

A boatyard operator pull back a white tarp to reveal the underside of a boat undergoing maintenance to demonstrate the process of how copper and zinc enter the local waterways

Boatyard Owner/Operator Employs Aquip in Compliance Strategy

Pollution is washing from boatyards into Puget Sound. Who’s responsible? By Ysabelle Kempe Phil Riise worries about every…

Article banner of split image of Newterra's CEO, Kevin on the right wearing a black suit, white shirt, and multicolor patterned tie with white text containing Meet Kevin, our New CEO on the left in front of a background containing a subtle underlay of the Newterra logo on a blue background underneath the white text

Meet Kevin Our New CEO

Newterra is proud to announce the appointment of KEVIN CASSIDY as our new CEO! Jim McGivern, Newterra’s Chairman…

Banner image for a Virtual Education Conference by Newterra

Reclaiming the World’s Water 2021 Virtual Conference

Virtual Education Conference Newterra is pleased to offer our Virtual Education Conference for 2021. It will take place…

Two men inspect Newterra's toilet to tap technology housed in a white shipping container branded with Newterra's logo and brand name

Toilet to Tap – Coming Soon to Quench Your Thirst

Newterra Toilet to Tap Demonstration Plant Newterra has operated a Toilet to Tap sewage treatment system in their…

Newterra logo and brand mark in white centered in blue water ripple background

Frontenac & HSBC Sustainability Drive

In November 2020, Frontenac, with the help of HSBC, acquired Newterra Group Ltd. – a…

Colorado wastewater project in McDonald Island and MBR unit outdoors consisting of a corrugated metal tan building with various steel pipes exiting or entering the structure into the surface below the concrete slab foundation

Colorado Wastewater Partnership – AquaWorks DBO

Newterra is pleased to announce its partnership with AquaWorks DBO, a Denver based professional engineering firm, to provide…

Two large plastic of metal containers installed on a concrete slab at a boatyard filter water through a series of pipes after the contaminated storm water is filtered by gravity to remove zinc and copper contaminants

Coatings Company Installs Aquip System to Remove Zinc

Eugene-Based Coatings Company Installs Aquip System to Meet Benchmarks for Zinc The Company: Forrest Technical Coatings – Eugene,…

Two men inspect Newterra's toilet to tap technology housed in a white shipping container branded with Newterra's logo and brand name

Fact Finding – Water Issues for Indigenous Communities in Canada

Michael Barrett and Gary Vidal, Canadian Members of Parliament, examining a Newterra Modular Water Treatment Plant…