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Cochrane pH Adjustment Filtration

Cochrane and Newterra provide pH Adjustment systems in both Filtration (passive) and Chemical Injection (active) configurations.

In the Filtration (passive) systems, feed water enters the vessel through an inlet valve and is sprayed out over the calcium carbonate media. The water then flows down through the media. The acidic water slowly dissolves the calcium carbonate which increases the pH.

The result is an effective way to increase pH without the use of chemicals. The increased pH water enters the distributor system at the bottom of the vessel and travels upward via the center riser tube where it is then piped out of the vessel.


pH adjustment is required for many industrial and commercial processes


Key benefits

Advantages of Passive Systems

• Provides pH adjustment without the addition of chemicals
• Inlet/outlet pressure gauges
• Safety air release valve for pressure fluctuations
• Stand alone tanks or modular skid

Advantages of Active Systems

• more precise pH control
• can adjust pH either up or down


Filtration Systems

Vessels: Carbon steel, stainless steel or FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), ASME coded/stamped options
Internals: Stainless steel or schedule 80 PVC
Media: Calcium carbonate
Face Plumbing: Carbon steel, stainless steel or schedule 80 PVC
Skid Mounted Option: Carbon steel or stainless steel

Active Systems

Configurations can be in-pipe or tank/mixer style systems depending on process design
pH adjustments can be up, down or both depending on need
Various configurations of chemical feed may be used

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