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Cochrane Ultra Pure Water

Cochrane by Newterra offers two paths to Ultra Pure water in conjuction with our Delta Reverse Osmosis product series: Ion Exchange and Electro Deionization (EDI)

Ultrapure water is water that has been purified to very strict specifications, containing by definition only H20, and H+ and OH ions in equilibrium. Therefore, ultrapure water conductivity is about 0,055 uS/cm at 25oC, also expressed as resistivity of 18,2 MOhm.

Ultra pure water is mainly used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry. Ultrapure water production often is produced through processes like membrane filtration or ion exchange to reach the ultimate conductivity of 10 uS/cm.

The demineralised water is then processed through a high performance Mixed Bed or by Electrodeionization. This page is focused on EDI.

Technical information

Cochrane by Newterra electrodeionization (EDI) systems offer a highly effective alternative to mixed bed demineralization to polish water to extremely low levers of dissolved solids.  EDI systems do not require the periodic regeneration and downtime of resin-based treatment approaches, and thus can operate continuously. This reduces maintenance and eliminates the need for regeneration chemicals and waste neutralization. Dissolved solids (cations and anions) are considered contaminants in some industrial processes. They cause scaling and fouling in boiler tubes, inhibiting heat transfer and system efficiency.


An EDI water treatment system is a continuous electrically driven membrane and resin ion separation technology. RO product water  from the DELTA  RO unit enters the EDI module through an inlet valve and then enters stack of cells with cation and anion membranes separated by spacers. On opposite ends of the stack is a cathode and anode – each providing an electrical potential to drive the cations and anions through the respective one way membranes to a waste channel. The product and waste channels contain a thin layer of mixed bed resin to provide a conductive path to facilitate the process. The result is a highly efficient system that removes all dissolved solids with very close to neutral pH. The purified water is then piped out of the stack. Modules of different flow rates can be plumbed together to provide higher flow rate capacities.


  • Cleaning the surfaces of semiconductor wafers and liquid crystal panels
  • Steam generators for power generating turbines
  • Injection water for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
  • Blank water for microanalysis, which affects analysis results

Key benefits

  • Provides extremely low total dissolved solids
  • Modular units that can be combined for larger flow rates
  • Effluent service water is near neutral pH
  • Minimum energy and maintenance requirements
  • Stand alone modular skid mounted(pre-piped & pre-wired)
  • Continuous operation with no regeneration or hazardous chemicals required
  • Smaller footprint compared to mixed bed demineralization
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