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Cochrane UNI-PAC Packaged Deaerator

Newterra, under the Cochrane brand, offers Fully Packaged Deaerators for Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

Units can be utilize parallel downflow, counterflow or spray-atomizing to best suit every application. Not sure which check Here.

Capacity ranges from 10,000 lbs. per hour and larger. Newterra packages deaerators with pump and control skids below in compact packages or on separate skids for larger applications.

UNI-PAC ModelRating
Steam InletTank ODTankSSTanks OALOverflow

Technical information

Specifications (All Units)

  • 7 ppb (0.005 cc/L) O2 content
  • 10 minute storage capacity standard
  • Dual, vertical multi-stage pumps
  • Control panel with motor starters and level alarm lights
  • All accessories required to operate the system
  • Custom accessories and options available


UNI-PAC™ Deaerator System

The COCHRANE® by newterra’s Atomizing Deaerator is a two-stage design.

In the first stage, water is sprayed in direct contact with steam and heated practically to saturation temperature. At this stage the bulk of the noncondensible gases are liberated and all released gases are discharged from the unit. The preheated, partially deaerated water then passes to the second stage where it comes in contact with a constant high velocity steam jet for final deaeration. The steam jet is created by a variable orifice atomizing valve which is self-compensating to changes in load or variation in operating conditions. The energy of the steam jet breaks up the water, producing a mist or fog of finely divided particles to assure maximum surface exposure to the scrubbing steam. Any remaining gas is removed and carried to the first stage by the steam, while the deaerated water falls to the storage section.

Key benefits

UNI-PAC™ Deaerator System Design Advantages

  • Designed for many commercial and light industrial applications including colleges, hospitals, prisons, government buildings, industrial plants, military bases, etc.
  • Systems come fully factory tested at COCHRANE® by newterra manufacturing facility
  • Systems are fully pre-engineered for quality assurance and fast delivery


UNI-PAC™ Deaerator System Features

  • Two stage spray type deaeration utilizing COCHRANE® by newterra Accuspray™ spray nozzles and atomizing valve
  • Reduces dissolved oxygen concentration of boiler feed water to <7ppb
  • Compact horizontal tank design for installation in tight spaces including reduced headroom
  • Welded steel deaeration tank with ASME stamp
  • Fully integrated system with tank, piping, accessories pre-plumbed, pre-wired and pre-tested at the newterra manufacturing plant
  • Variable orifice self-regulating atomizing valve assures maintenance of energy required and guaranteed performance at rates of flow 10-100% of total capacity
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