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Technical information

Water enters the preheating compartment and is heated to saturation temperature. Here, the bulk of the noncondensible gases is removed before the water enters the trays.

Heated water passes through the water seal type distributors to the tray section. The water seals prevent bypassing of steam into the preheating compartment and prevent non-condensible gases from entering the tray compartment from the preheating section. Water passes downward through the trays to complete final deaeration and then goes to storage. Steam enters at the inlet nozzle and passes through ports in the tray compartment to the space above the trays, flowing downward with the water through the tray section.

This action provides highly efficient distribution over the trays, maximizing surface contact between steam and water, and prevents damming up of water and possible water hammer. Practically no condensation of steam occurs in the tray compartment, since inlet water has been heated to within a few degrees of steam temperature in the preheater compartment.

The entire volume of uncontaminated steam is employed in the scrubbing action, thus removing the final traces of oxygen. Steam leaves the bottom of the trays, then flows to the preheater compartment where it is condensed. Noncondensible gases are discharged to the atmosphere.

Key benefits

• Deaerator performs equally well between the extremes of 100% make-up water (below 50° F) and mostly hot condensate as well as substantial flashing returns

• Handles higher steam flows through the tray stack. Requires the lowest temperature differential of any deaerator to meet operating warranty; typically 20° F or less

• Water seal between trays and the spray section eliminates direct impingement of the spray on the trays and insures even distribution of the water over the tray stack

• Use of trays with less open area than required in counterflow operation maximizes spilling edge and exposes a greater surface of the water to the stripping action of the steam

• Optimized mixing plus higher steam velocity results in maximum gas removal efficiency

• Genuine two stage deaeration



Trays: Type 430 SS, pan type, one piece
Water distributor: 316 Stn. Stl. Lock-N-Load® Spray Nozzles
Design pressure: As required
Deaerator top: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Storage tanks: Welded Steel Plate, ASME stamped
Vent condenser: Direct Contact Type with Stainless Steel baffling

Deaerating Trays

• One piece construction type 430 stainless steel. Easily handled by one person
• Trays are designed so that the pressure shell does not come in contact with the un-deaerated
water or concentrated non-condensible gases
• Trays provide excellent performance having the highest spilling edge and baffling area available
in any tray design, which allows for maximum water “break-up” and retention time


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