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CANSORB Multi-Media Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorption System

The modular, CANSORB P Multi-Media Adsorber can be used in many liquid-phase municipal and industrial applications with the versatility of different media, quality carbon steel vessels and high solids epoxy lining. They are capable of operations where full backwash is required, including applications for backwashing activated carbon. They are ideal for filtering turbidity from liquid streams before an activated carbon polishing phase. Newterra supplies mono-media filters and multimedia filter vessels for integrated liquid phase systems. In a typical liquid-phase environmental remediation system, multimedia filters remove some of the remaining contaminants from water that has already passed through a frac tank.

Three white Cansorb high pressure liquid phase active carbon adsorbers installed in an industrial warehouse with blue pipes entering and exiting each unit

Product Overview

Where process conditions dictate, the active carbon adsorption vessels can be fabricated from other materials, such as stainless steel. The wide variety of vessels can handle various flow rates and are ideal for any size application. Newterra has a large in-stock inventory of multimedia filters available for sale or ready to rent. We can also build custom multimedia filters to your specifications and provide a variety of multimedia packages, including sand, garnet, and zeolite media.
For a robust, industrial quality system to remove total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, and silt density index (SDI): dirt, sand, and sediment in high-temperature applications, see the Newterra Multi-Media Filtration solutions.


  • All garnet, sand, and zeolite media packs can produce suspended solids reduction in applications with particles above 10 microns.
  • Polishing filtration may be required for downstream processing.
  • Backwashing requirements for these products range from 12-15 GPM/ft2 with anthracite to 15-20 GPM/ft2 with sand and gravel
  • Built-in our American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code facility from pressure vessel quality steel and comes standard with high solids epoxy lining.
  • Coating with customized linings at a client’s request
  • Custom multimedia filters can also be built to your specifications

Technical Specifications

Newterra has a large in-stock inventory of multimedia filters available for sale or ready to rent.

Modular Activated Carbon Liquid Phase Adsorbers

Model #Max Flow(GPM)Max Press(PSIG)Max AdsorbFillShip Wt. Filter Pk AShip Wt. Filter Pk BShip Wt. Filter Pk CShip Wt. Filter Pk D
FILTER PACK: A) Contains gravel and sand. B) Contains gravel, garnet, and sand. C) Contains gravel, sand, and anthracite. D) Contains gravel, garnet, sand, and anthracite. Specifications and properties are subject to change without notice.

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